3 San Diego Artists You Should Know About

San Diego is home to an inspiring art scene and an ever-growing number of galleries. From vivid murals to coastal-themed canvases, local artists are working with fresh colors and unique materials, inspired by the beauty of the area. As the city’s art community continues to grow, here are 3 of my favorite local artists you should know about.

Nancy Fraser

Nancy Fraser is an artist out of Cardiff whose work is mostly inspired by the sea. She works mostly through designers, like myself, and does commissions as well. I purchased my piece at the Leucadia Art Walk and have it hung across from my desk to brighten and calm my day. Nancy is skilled and her work is reasonably priced, and more importantly, it makes me happy and inspired.

Nancy Fraser Art 1.jpg
Nancy Fraser Art 3.jpg
Nancy Fraser Art 2.jpg

I got to meet Nancy at her studio where she shared a few more of her pieces with me. You can check out her work on her website at https://www.nancyfraserfineart.com .

Mike Gulewich

Another artist we met at the Leucadia Art Walk was Mike Gulewich. While we did not purchase a piece during the fair, we plan to commission Mike to create a painting for our master suite once our remodel is complete. His work is affordably priced and beautiful, and his subject matter varied but his landscapes and human forms are my personal favorites. You can find more art here.

Mike Gulewich Art 3
Mike Gulewich Art 1.jpg
Mike Gulewich 2.jpg

Roy Kerckhoff

For many of us in North County San Diego, the subjects of Roy Kerckhoff’s photograph and painting art pieces are iconic beach spots that we cherish. He explains his inspiration, "In my work I enjoy conveying a history of a place. I love bold textures as these are created by the passing of time, therefore putting emphasis on bygone days. In particular, I aim to show the beauty that exists in human-made structures in wood, concrete and steel contrasted with soft organic forms from nature.” Visit Roy’s work here.

Roy Kerckhoff Art 2
Roy Kerckhoff Art